Celebrity Makeup Artist

Zohara Shereen is the best in Bangalore as Commercial and Celebrity Makeup Artist and she enjoys working on commercial photo shoots and strives to make everyone seem gorgeous on and off-camera. As a result, she gives celebrities a fabulous look for their photo shoot.

Celebrity and Commercial Photoshoot

Why Choose Zohara As Commercial & Celebrity MAkeup artist?

Looking for that standout, head-turning look for the cameras, or the magnetic appeal that’ll leave an audience awestruck? Enter Zohara. More than just makeup, Zohara crafts experiences. From the glossiest magazine covers to the most exclusive celebrity events, Zohara’s artistry has been the silent signature behind numerous iconic looks. With a blend of impeccable skill, an eye for detail, and a heart that truly understands the essence of both commercial and celebrity worlds, you’re not just choosing a makeup artist; you’re choosing the best in the biz. Ready to take the center stage with Zohara?

Why Stars Trust Zohara?

Ever wonder what it feels like to be in the best hands in the industry? Choose Zohara, and you won’t have to wonder anymore. Not only does she bring the ‘oomph’ factor with every brush stroke, but she also truly understands the nuances of the celebrity and commercial worlds. Whether it’s adapting to the dynamic needs of a brand campaign or ensuring a celeb’s personal style shines bright, Zohara’s benefits go beyond just skin deep. Think of her as the secret sauce that adds that extra sprinkle of star quality. Ready for the Zohara difference?

Commercial & Celebrity Makeup Artist

Every package is inclusive of makeup, hairdo and styling. The best of makeup products, hair appliances and the personalized attention of Zohara and her team is guaranteed for every client.